[  GOAT   p r e s s   ] Entertainment Insurance for Willy's Film

Now you might probably be wondering how Willy is now.

Well, after that incident with my Paraiba Tourmaline and that embarrassing call to a premium financing company, I have finally found that I could turn my life around my making a movie starring my pet goat. Ooops… I didn’t tell you, didn’t I? Willy is still alive. I did manage to a Heimlich maneuver on him, which made the Paraiba Tourmaline move inch by agonizing inch from his belly up to his mouth.

The movie on Willy, tentatively entitled “Freedom For Willy”, will chronicle the agonizing episode between Willy and my Paraiba tourmaline. It’s a cerebral adventure movie that could only be appreciated by similar weird minds like myself.

Steve thinks it’s too dangerous.

“Don’t put Willy in a dangerous situation like that,” he said.

But of course, Steve knew I am bullheaded about what I want - one reason I never lasted in my jobs. And he pretty much relented to the movie, but one condition – that I insure the movie with entertainment insurance.

And I thought I was the weird one. Entertainment insurance? Oh come on. But you know how it goes… I really have no choice since Steve is financing the movie. And so with my camera and tri-pod in hand, Steve and I went to the office of FilmIns, which Steve said has the most affordable entertainment insurance plans so far.

We were seated at the lounge area when I couldn’t hold my tongue any longer.

“Do you really think something could go wrong about this movie, Steve?”

Steve was reading the National Enquirer when he looked up and gave me a stoic look. There goes my answer, so I just went right ahead and read the brochures.

Entertainment insurance … So what if something goes wrong in filming? I soon found out that an all-risk entertainment insurance policy actually pays for the cost of damages while filming. So what could possibly go wrong with my film?

I was picking my brain when I rolled out this list: a damaged camera, a broken tripod, and a goat who dies because he can’t act.

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