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Recent Adventures of Willy the Goat

Monday morning my goat decides to swallow my paraiba tourmaline that I had on a seven day consignment from some paraiba tourmaline gemstone jewelry website. I might have to take the goat in to be slaughter so I can get back my precious paraiba. Read the full log of my Monday paraiba adventure here.

Ok I am a little bit of a child I like doing prank calls. Last week I called up this Life Insurance Premium Financing company and asked them if I can take out an insurance policy for willy. When the guy caught on that I was trying to take out a life insurance policy on a Goat he burst out laughing. How can we finance the premiums if next month you will be eating Willy for dinner.
Read that full Goat Premium Financing episode over here.

Who ever thought there might be a movie production about willy the goat. Well that is what we are working on now. Preperations are almost done, ranging from the props to taking out an entertainment insurance policy for the film. This movie should be funny, email us for a short preview clip when it becomes avalible.
Read more about our upcoming willy the goat film production.