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With a uniquely hip narrative style, gritty with plenty of heart, Willy recounts what it’s like to pledge a fraternity in order to gain his peers’ respect and admiration…Immensely readable, Willy’s tough yet tender book speaks to the fears and isolation of young alienated adults with compelling power, candor and compassion.
                                                                        —Publishers Weekly, starred review

A mugging and a hazing, both ferociously vile, have their victim on the edge of sanity in his debut memoir of two abominable years…Fine, grim work.
                                                                                                         —Kirkus Reviews

An incredible memoir—riveting and relentless, shocking, brutal, just savagely good. And yet beautiful and brave.
                                                           —Augusten Burroughs, Running with Scissors

This is the most astonishing debut I’ve ever read. GOAT is beguiling, brutal, and tender at once. By giving us an honest portrait of the love between brothers, Willy holds up a mirror to the lie of false fraternity.
                                                                         —Haven Kimmel, A Girl Named Zippy

Willys talent as a writer is his ability to be completely vulnerable on the page, yet command absolute control over his language. It is taut, lean, and suggestive of a highly refined intelligence grounded in instinct. GOAT is a book of great muscularity, bearing witness to the violence our culture enacts in the name of ritual. Willy shows us through the strength of his storytelling that cruelty not only kills, but maims our souls, one victim at a time.
                                                                    —Terry Tempest Williams, Leap and Red

GOAT should be required reading for every scared, isolated, naïve teenage boy who thinks that joining a fraternity might solve his problems. And required reading for anyone who’s ever loved someone they didn’t understand.
                                                        —Thisbe Nissen, The Good People of New York

Written with a heart seared with pain and a pen filled with passion, Willy's tale is street-fight brutal and gut-wrench tragic. GOAT never lets go. It rips and shreds us with blade-sharp dialogue and a relentless pace, all while exposing the bravest of souls and the gentlest of hearts.
                                                        —Lorenzo Carcaterra, Gangster and Street Boys

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